Pumper car

·         Winner of the Industrial Design Excellence Award.

·         Exercise that is fun. Power Pumper provides a way for children to live a healthy, active lifestyle while still having fun.

·         Unique, patented drive mechanism that is easy to operate.

·         Made from materials that are safe for children.

·         Featuring 4 wheels and a low center of gravity makes kids feel safe and stable.

·         Soft, non-slip grips to aid kids in maintaining a comfortable grip.

·         Does not roll backwards, preventing mishaps while going uphill.

·         Time Tested Durability. Many Power Pumpers® sold 6+ years ago are still being used to this day.

·         Thick rubber tires, eliminates the splitting problem common to children ride on toys.

·         Features a hand break for sudden stops.

·         Designed for children ages 5-12 years old.

·         Weighing in at just under 36 lbs.

·         Built Tough. Rated for over 300lbs.

·         Perfect for children 40”-58”


 Product Warranty: Pumper Cars are made to last! Our 90-day manufacture warranty on all parts offers a worry-free purchase!