Autism and Obesity

Medical records find evidence linking autism to obesity

At least one in every three children and adolescents with autism is overweight or obese, finds a survey of nearly 3,000 individuals with the disorder.

The report, published in the July-August issue of Academic Pediatrics, points to a need for diet and exercise programs that are tailored for people with autism.


Preventing obesity and overweight has critical implications for the health and quality of life of people with autism, says lead investigator Sarabeth Broder-Fingert, a pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and research fellow with Harvard Pediatric Health Services. “I worry that if a kid has autism and goes to the doctor, [weight issues] might not be addressed because other issues are addressed,” she says.


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Exercise, joy, and a jump!

Exercise gives children with autism jump on social skills.

Children with autism often receive lots of specialized care: Some complete as many as 40 hours per week of applied behavioral analysis (ABA), the most common behavioral treatment for autism. Others may also see a speech or occupational therapist.

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But for many children, chances are that exercise is not part of the prescribed routine, says Meghann Lloyd, associate professor of health sciences at the University of Ontario in Canada. Yet a growing body of data suggests that exercise offers many of the benefits that traditional autism therapies do — plus a few they don’t.

Even though most children with autism have poor motor skills, “physical activities are often the last thing that people focus on,” says Lloyd. Instead, she says, parents’ emphasis is on their child learning how to talk, make eye contact, sit still in class and behave in social situations. But she says she tells parents, “On top of everything else, let’s get these kids active so they can gain all the other skills that they need.”

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Dozens of small studies suggest that, aside from boosting motor skills, movement-based therapies may improve social communication, attention, behavioral issues and performance on academic tasks1,2.

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FACT Oregon

2017 All Ability Tri4Youth

This event was wonderful and showcased some of the amazing work FACT Oregon does.

A little about this organization from their website below.


Empower Oregon families experiencing disability in their pursuit of a whole life by expanding awareness, growing community, and equipping families.


Families have high expectations and a vision for the future where all communities are accessible, welcoming, and embrace that disability is natural."_FactOregon


Pumper Car riders enjoyed the various courses we had set up to test out their Pumping ability! We are thankful to have been part of such a well organized event, and look forward to supporting FACT Oregon more in the future.

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"The ride that empowers children of ALL abilities" 

Go Baby Go

A great event for an even greater purpose.

"Go Baby Go is a community based outreach program that works with families, clinics, and industry to provide pediatric equipment to children with disabilities."

"The primary mission of GBG is to provide modified ride-on cars to these children to use as a powered mobility device for fun, function and exploration." _Institute of Development and Disability

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NICU Portland OR event

Doernbecher hosts reunion for NICU families, and staff.

Portland, OR. Doernbecher Children’s Hospital hosted a special party Saturday to reunite staff and families with babies who spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit. 

Seeing all the families together and hearing their stories made this a very special day.

We had a wonderful time following along the path behind this cutie! Pumper Car is "the ride that empowers children of ALL abilities". Being in an inclusive community is the best part of our job!

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Wheel to Walk

Wheel to Walk 3rd annual Spin Your Wheels All Wheel Rolling event! 

This fun crowd gathered to loop a one mile course at Oaks Park amusement park in Sellwood OR.

This event is to showcase all the equipment for children purchased by Wheel to Walk that insurance won't cover.

It is always a joy for us to partner with the Wheel to Walk Foundation. It is a wonderful thing to see a child get the mobility device they so desperately need! 

We are proud to be "The ride that empowers children of ALL abilities"

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Summer time!

The sun is shining and children are almost out of school. If you are looking for something active and fun to get your children outdoors this summer the Pumper Car is the perfect fit! 

The Pumper Car® is an innovative, award-winning, therapeutic mobility device for children ages 5 to 12. The Pumper Car® Jr. uses the same patented technology and is sized for children 3 years to 6 years. The unique pumping action provides movement for both upper and lower extremities, and helps build trunk muscles. Both devices are used in therapy and physical education activities for building endurance and muscle development.

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ADHD updates

Learn about new findings concerning ADHD medications below. 

An important article was just published in JAMA Pediatrics, about school children treated with medications for ADHD in Scotland. It's a study of 766,000 Scottish children followed between 2009 to 2013 of which 7413 had ADHD, and were treated with medication. Despite treatment the study documents worse education outcomes (absence, exclusion, lower academic attainment, left school early, and eventually higher unemployment). They also had more hospitalizations overall and more injuries. For the full article click Educational and Health Outcomes of Children Treated for ADHD 


Why is this important? Because it documents that pills are insufficient treatment for ADHD. They must to have integration and means to control their hyperactivity.

The pumper car does both! 

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We are proud to be "The ride that empowers children of ALL abilities"!


Demo Day in Cottage Grove OR

It was a fun day when the children of Harrison School in Cottage Grove, OR received their new Pumper Cars! 

The school has a program with 12 special needs students. The students have loved being able to hop on the Pumper Car during recess and get some energy out! Teachers that help with this program have stated it's been a blast for the children and a wonderful asset to the program!

If you know of a school or center that would benefit from the Pumper Car head to the "Contact" page and please let us know. We would appreciate the referral and opportunity to help. 

"The ride that empowers children of ALL abilities" 

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month and we at Pumper Car would like to show our support!

The picture above is from when Pumper Car was featured in Autism Digest. We recommend taking a look at their website for all their great information and resources! 

"It is our strong belief that every child and adult with autism can improve and contribute to the lives of those who love them, and in many ways contribute to society."


Check out our testimonials page to learn what teachers, occupational therapists, as well as parents like the ones featured here say about the benefits of having a Pumper Car for their child with autism.  

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“The ride that empowers children of ALL abilities”