Parents With Children In Therapy Are Thrilled With The Progress They See

When therapy is painful or difficult, getting a child to actively participate can be very frustrating for a parent. When a therapist incorporates a Pumper Car® into the session. The pain and difficulty seem to vanish. The Pumper Car® has been a major factor in changing children’s attitude toward therapy. Why? From the child’s perspective it all starts with the look of the Pumper Car®. They like the fact that it looks “cool”, unlike the other mobility devices in therapy that are developed for special-needs children. As they ride it, they find the Pumper Car® is easy to operate and fun to use! Many parents like Pumper Car® because its low center of gravity provides a feeling of security and a stable ride for their child. They also like the fact that it promotes movement of both upper and lower extremities. Parents who have children with severe special-needs find that even their child is able to use the Pumper Car®. Instead of struggling with the frustration of coaxing children to do their therapy and exercises, parents and therapists report that it is difficult to get children to get off the Pumper Car because they are having so much fun.