Child PT Facts for Parents


Child physical therapy can be tricky to manage without the right facts on hand. It's a field with a lot of experts who just want to help. Unfortunately, the costs, timing and specific needs of your child can be confusing.

Power Pumper is here to provide reliable facts on child physical therapy. Read on to discover tips that will benefit you and your child.

Child physical therapy cost facts

Insurance or social programs go a long way.

Most of the needs your child has for physical therapy will be covered by private insurance. Medicare offers special needs programs for some conditions, and there is the Children’s Health Insurance Program that may help. In addition, there are groups such as Fun and Function that offer support to parents in need of financial assistance.

Find affordable tools for PT.

Power Pumper is dedicated to providing help at reasonable prices. Other therapy tools can sometimes be located on sale through such physical therapy online stores as Therapy Shoppe.

Finding the best child physical therapy

Survey the scene before you make a decision.

The first therapist you find may seem like a good fit if you are in immediate need of care for a child. It is a good idea, however, to take some time and read online reviews or check out a therapist on social media before you set up a schedule for therapy.

Ask your child how they feel about therapy.

The attitude your child takes to therapy sessions will be a major factor in how successful it is. Speak with them before and after sessions, and try to reinforce a positive attitude by reminding them how much it helps to stick with therapy.

Check out free online resources.

KidsHealth is dedicated to helping parents connect with one another. From fact sheets to their weekly newsletter, you can discover info that will make life easier for parents of children with physical therapy needs

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