Mrs. Oregon

Former Mrs. Oregon and her son Nicholas meet up for a demo day in Eugene OR. 

Being an exercise physiologist, fitness and exercise are very important to Erin and her family. Her six year old son is on the Autism spectrum. He is high-functioning however, being active can still be challenging at times socially for him. Its exciting that the Pumper Car is something he can do safely with friends.

I can tell when he was doing it he was having a great time, but also out of breath from working so hard. Iā€™m really excited about this moving forward. ā€” Erin Piibor, Mrs. Oregon 2012

Both Nicholas (6 years old on the Pumper Car) and Marcus (3 years old on the Pumper Car Jr.) enjoyed riding around after just a minute of instruction.

We are happy The Pumper Car was such a hit for Erin's kids and looking forward to seeing Erin and Nicholas more! 

For more on this demo day check out our YouTube channel soon! 

Pumper Car Team