Shape 2017

Bend, Oregon hosted the Shape 2017 event this month.

Shape America is “The Society of Health and Physical Educators.” Check out all of the great things they are doing here.

Pumper Car is the “Ride that empowers children of ALL abilities.” For this reason our goal is to strive to be a huge part of the physical education service including adapted PE. 

Featured here is Lara Brickhouse (2017 APE TOY) enjoying a ride on the Pumper Car during the event. 

“You can actually reap much greater benefits by exercising in short, high-intensity bursts known as intervals than you can exercising for longer periods at a slower steady pace.” —Peak Fitness

Pumper Car provides short bursts of hard exercise. Pumping around for a few minutes even can help improve the child's concentration, blood flow, muscle strength, and help with academic focus. 

Pumper Car is available in over 400 hospitals, clinics, and schools already. Our goal is to expand and be a benefit to ALL children. Click on our studies page and about pages to learn more today, or contact us for more information on how we can help you get a Pumper Car for your program or personal use.  You can also order now here.


Pumper Car Team