2017 in Review

It was a wonderful and busy year for the Pumper Car.

We were part of several events across the nation. Each event provided us the opportunity to share what we feel is the best ride-on mobility device for children of ALL abilities.    

We were also grateful for new relationships that were made through networking. It is important to us to find like-minded individuals, and groups who are working towards health, inclusion, and joy for ALL children. Spreading our wings and growing within the special needs community will be a continued goal for 2018. Below are just a few of the events we were honored to attend.

·  December 6-7 Washington Head Start Directors Meeting Seattle, WA

·  November 16-18, 2017 46th National Adapted Physical Education Conference. Sacramento, CA

·  November 16-17 Early Learning Conference COSA event in Portland, OR

·  October 2017 SHAPE Oregon Bend, OR

·  October 2017 Division for Early Childhood’s 33rd Annual international conference for young children with special needs and their families.

·  September 2017 Nike Youth Games near Beaverton, OR

·  August 2017  All Ability Tri4Youth Beaverton, OR

·  August 2017 Idaho Association of School Administrators Boise, ID

·  July 2017 USAAA National Conference Portland, OR

All of these events plus several more made for a year of growth in 2017. One highlight to note for us was meeting Dr. Temple Grandin at the USAAA event in Portland, OR. (Check out our blog post from this event to learn more about her, and why this meeting was prodigious.) She rode the Pumper Car then stated "The Pumper Car is a fun way to get a burst of hard exercise, I know from trying it."

Now with 2018 beginning we are focused on getting the word out about the Pumper Car, and sharing about all the benefits for children with special needs it provides.

You can order your Pumper Car at our order now page today. The Jr model for ages 2-5 years is $349, and the Original Pumper Car for ages 5-12 years is $399. Both of these sizes are available for bulk ordering as well.

FREE shipping is available for the lower 48 states.

We are looking ahead at a bright 2018 with several event opportunities to hopefully meet some of you! If you have thought of having us at your event you can contact us today at info@powerpumper.com 

Pumper Car Team