Parents try to do all they can to help their children be happy and healthy. Yet, when you have a special needs child, there’s extra work involved in trying to meet these two goals. A Pumper Car® might be able to help with both. Just listen and read what a few parents have told us how their child has benefited from riding a Pumper Car.


Two Mothers’ Stories

The Pumper Car, originally called the Power Pumper, helps children develop gross and fine motor skills. Listen to how these two mothers have found the device helps build their child’s skills and muscles, while at the same time motivating to them with a fun workout.


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Pumper Cars Help in a Variety of Ways

Grandparents, as well as parents, are thrilled with how the Pumper Car has helped their loved one. Seven-year-old Alec has multiple issues including Tourettes, ADHD, OCD and anger issues. His grandmother wrote us to tell us how much she enjoys watching her grandson ride his Pumper Car that he has nicknamed Horris.

“He has trouble on a bike because he has to pedal to keep his balance. I love the Pumper Car because Alec goes [on it] for 5 to 7 hours straight, up and down hills...When he’s going off with his anger we get him on the Pumper Car to calm him down. Thanks for putting such a great product on the market.” — Victoria Bostanic



Erin Piiboor, Former Mrs. Oregon’s Pumper Car story

Erin is smart and vivacious. This former Mrs. Oregon is an exercise physiologist as well as a mother to an energetic six-year-old. Nicholas, who is on the Autism spectrum, is high-functioning. However, being active can still be challenging at times for him socially.

After only about a minute of instruction, Nicholas and his younger three-year-old brother, Marcus, were off riding around on their Pumper Cars.

Erin has found that the Pumper Car is something that Nicholas can do safely with friends. She remarked, “I can tell when he was doing it he was having a great time, but also out of breath from working so hard. I’m really excited about this moving forward.”



My SPD daughter benefitted SO much from using a Pumper Car at therapy…it seemed to really regulate her whole body and mind when she used it.
— Tweet we received from Trust Me, I'm a Mom
Exercise is something that I have never been able to get my son into until we got a Pumper Car. It has made it fun for him…For the first time I have seen my son become physically exhausted and still want to continue to play with what was making him tired. His fine motor and gross motor skills have increased dramatically due to the exercise he has been getting from the Pumper Car. I can see him being able to keep up with the kids he meets at the playground…I have noticed the change in the way other kids look at him and include him in their games.
— Carrie Rodarte • Bradley's mother
J.C. was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and has been in therapy since he was two years old. Last April his therapist did not feel that J.C. would be a candidate for discharge any time soon. [Several months later] his therapist brought out the Pumper Car to start a session. J.C. spent his entire therapy riding “the car.” He loved it! …The Pumper Car was a major motivator for J.C. He began to do all of his exercises in physical therapy so that he could drive “the car” for the rest of the session. At his annual evaluation, J.C. met 100% of his goals and was discharged from therapy.
— Chrystalin Rowland • J.C.'s mother
Maria had coordination issues, balance issues and low muscle tone. She was also not motivated to really engage in any physical activities. When Maria saw the Pumper Car she was drawn to it and we had difficulty getting her off it. We were able to use it as a behavior reward and for physical therapy…This bike has made a difference in my daughter’s life and I know in many other children with Down Syndrome. Maria is now part of a dance group and is working to try out for her high school’s cheerleading team.
— Irene Rickey • Maria's mother