P.E. Teachers

The Pumper Car® is used across the country in dozens of school districts. Here’s a survey we did with seven adapted P.E. teachers asking them for their feedback about how the Pumper Car benefits their students. 

We believe it will do the same for your students.

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Bruce Davey, Adapted P.E. Teacher, Sylvan Union School District in Modesto, California

A major part of Bruce’s curriculum includes several fun and exciting lesson plans specifically using the Pumper Car. Many of them are even included in our Pumper Car kit.

Here is what Bruce has to say about our unique mobility device. “I have been using the Pumper Car Original and Junior for many years with students who have mild to severe disabilities. The Pumper Cars are well designed durable vehicles that get used quite frequently with students ranging from Pre-K through 8th grade. My students love using the car and are always excited to participate in the wide range of activities that emphasize fitness, eye hand coordination, spatial awareness, social skills, and language development while having fun.”


Joni Huntley, 1988 Olympic High Jump Bronze Medalist, P.E. Teacher, Portland Public Schools, Oregon

This accomplished athlete turned her talent and enthusiasm for fitness into becoming a P.E. teacher in the Portland school district. Joni told us, “Children at our school take turns using the Pumper Cars around the playground. They use them because they are FUN. Children are self-motivated when it comes to the Pumper Car. It gives the upper and lower body a good workout. Working your arms and legs was never more fun!”

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Rupert Alvarez, P.E. teacher at Byron Barry Elementary, Phoenix, Arizona

Teachers use the Pumper Car with various grade levels. Rupert Alvarez explained, “I have been using the Pumper Car for my 1st-6th grade kids. The kids love the product! I like the Pumper Car because kids use both their arms and legs to set it in motion. This makes it a great tool for all four parts of a Dynamic PE program. I have incorporated this unique product into my fitness plan and use it to discuss the concentrated muscle groups, as well as the benefits it can offer cardiovascularly. My kids are having fun and getting great exercise. They go absolutely crazy over them!”



I work with children with autism and mental handicaps. I ordered two Pumper Cars and have been quite pleased with the progress that my students have made with the vehicles. They are excellent therapy tools. Use of the Pumper Car encourages students to improve their gross motor skills, both upper and lower body strength, balance and coordination. Students are motivated to communicate, ‘It’s my turn’ and ‘This is fun!’
— Mary Pat Templeton • Adapted Physical Education Teacher • Fulton Schools
The Pumper Cars are a terrific asset to the development of strength, motor skill and coordination, visual motor control, motor planning and social interaction with the children that use them. Children with a variety of challenges from autism, muscle disorders, developmental delay and learning disabilities have been successful users of the equipment.
— Michele St. Marie, PT • Lake Oswego Motor Team • Lake Oswego, Oregon School District
A Pumper Car looks similar to a bike, but due to its low center of gravity, it is much easier to propel for students with balance and stability issues. Children enjoy using it because it does not look like a therapeutic device, but there are therapeutic benefits that occur. The Pumper Car increases coordination, strength, endurance, body awareness and bilateral integration…Most importantly it allows physically challenged children the opportunity to be independent with their movement, resulting in increased self-confidence and the opportunity to socialize with their peers.
— Jane Van Bishler, PT • Jule Speck, PT • Devin Sproed, PT • Jennifer Pennington, PT • Salem-Keizer, Oregon Public Schools
I am always looking for new products that will encourage physical fitness in the disabled population. I have a 10-year-old student who wants to ride it every day. This is wonderful because this child has NEVER, in the five years I have known her, asked to do something that requires physical effort. She is an overweight child with cerebal palsy. Although she has only been using the Pumper Car for a couple of weeks, I can see a positive change in her attitude toward physical activity.
— Carolyn Carroll • Physical Therapist • Baldwin, New York School District

We encourage you to check out these organizations with whom we’ve partnered: SHAPE America, 50 Million Strong and Adapted Physical Education National Standards.